Liverpool City

Liverpool, England (UK)

Liverpool, home of The Beatles, is known as the "melting pot" of England. Millions of people from around the world have emigrated from and immigrated to England from the Liverpool Docks, whose importance was relevant to the rise of the British Empire for a host of reasons related to the economy and the defense of the country. From the shores of Liverpool Sir Francis Drake sailed the seas, migration of peoples flowed in and out of Liverpool, the Industrial Revolution had a ready port and trading between countries existed as a result.

It is interesting that the huge ethnicity of Liverpool attracts millions of visitors each year from other countries to trace their background, searching the archives of Liverpool's Record Office whose records reach back to the 13th century; more comprehensive than even Ellis Island in America. This multi-ethnic atmosphere makes Liverpool as cosmopolitan as New York City and London from cultural festivals, food, theatre, music, art, museums, shopping, and of course, sports.

Not only has part of Liverpool been named a UNESCO site for its' historical significance, Liverpool has also been officially named the World Capital of Pop by Guinness Book of Records for having more Number One singles than any other city. These two vastly different spectrums of life reflect the evolution of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Liverpool excels from the field of art, as at the Liverpool Tate, or the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to bohemian communities, some with off-beat bars and restaurants, to cathedrals, underground mystery tunnels, a bombed out church left as a memorial commemorating the Liverpool Blitz during World War II, or a church and synagogue winning The Marque of Excellence, the prestigious award for "surpassing a standard of excellence" by welcoming the entire community as well as visitors; and countless other cultural aspects of this incredibly varied city all combine to make this a superb place to be.

All this plus an unbelievable night life with theatres, comedy clubs, numerous dance clubs offering a mixture of tempos and restaurants to suit any taste. Liverpool doesn't stop there, they exude sports with their own football teams which bring thousands to the city, soccer, rugby, horse racing, sailing, as well as being known as England's Golf Coast. Add the numerous festivals that draw hundreds of thousands of visitor's each year, from the Summer Pops to the classical, to the Mathew Street Festival that follows the International Beatles Week which is a world class event; and then there is The Echo Arena which is a venue that draws international performers in addition to hosting some of the major events throughout the year.

Without a doubt, Liverpool has emerged as a metropolis which needs to be placed high on the list of the top cities to visit in the world. Their venues are two numerous to list whether in the cultural, historical or contemporary area. Whatever your interest, you will find it here.

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